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Our Way to Give

A Gift

When the time is right, we will explore again. For now, dreams are for the adventures of tomorrow. Let’s keep looking forward to simple pleasures, cherished luxuries and an enchanting world waiting to be explored.

Gift Cards can be redeemed for a delightful afternoon conversation with your favorite celebrity, planning your 2021 adventure, a fascinating masterclass or used towards the custom experience of a lifetime. Whatever they choose, CurEnt ensures an unforgettable experience.

Be Bold. Design Your Life.


The sound of a roaring crowd, the feeling of the string being plucked on a guitar as you feel it hit your chest, that private one on one lesson to master your skills. All obtained with a single click of a button.


Sinking your toes into warm platinum sands. Breathtaking views enjoyed with a cool cocktail. A slow wander among fragrant's greatest joys are in the simple pleasures, enriched with a dash of unbridled luxury. 


Tomorrow is a time to celebrate coming together again. Whether making the big milestones in style with a grand party, checking that bucket list item off, or creating a custom experience.

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