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CurEnt Group's inception began when we saw a gap in the entertainment, lifestyle and travel space. Our vision was clear....present clients with unique opportunities and access.


Changing trends and continued demand confirmed what we already knew........Long gone are the sidelines restricting folks on how to "play" but rather the freedom to "choose your own adventure".


Forward-thinking while continuously evolving, CurEnt aims to not just keep up but rather trail blaze ahead in the space. Combining hands on personal service matched with a growing tech platform, allows the experiences to reach you live or virtually alike.

"CurEnt has been instrumental in creating unique exclusive experiences for my clients and family.  Their attention to the details and personal attention is unmatched in their industry."

"CurEnt helped me plan my one year anniversary, and my wife simply melted. They made a special moment spectacular. Their attention to detail is what truly made it unreal"

"Dealing with CurEnt and having access to everything under one roof has made planning and executing events for our company seem like fun instead of a task! The creativity they exude is refreshing in a cookie-cutter world."


At CurEnt, we open doors to life previously thought to be closed. We're committed to providing a better way to harness life's experiences through our creative, dedicated and experienced team. 

Final Cost to Consumer

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What Separates

Us From Others

To give you access to better standards, we took the direct-to-consumer approach. Our direct access, combined with 25+ years in the business, has allowed us to create a reputation that stands out from others who think they can do what we do. There's a reason THEY come to us to fill their needs, thus creating yet another unnecessary layer and added cost to you. No middling here...just moving mountains.

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